Cockle Creek

We awoke this morning to much calmer conditions. Still cool but the wind was basically gone. After breakfast Bob and Jenny went for another fish from the Huon Yacht Club Jetty, while I caught up on the news and my housework. Deb relaxed with a book so it was a pretty laid back affair this morning.

The sun breaking through on a new day in Paradise

The fishermen had some success, bringing back a Black Bream and a solitary oyster. We were able to fill up with fresh water at the free camp before we headed off, stopping at Geeveston to check out the Information Centre then had lunch in the park. From there we pushed south to Cockle Creek NP Campinground. We are intending to stay at least a couple of nights so Jenny and Bob can get some fishing in. Meanwhile Debbie and I will struggle making do with the view

The view from our campsite

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