Oops That Was Close

We left Strahan early this morning (well around 8a.m.) and headed off toward Queenstown. The weather was still overcast with misty rain so we were a bit tired of the West Coast with its miserable weather. We were making tracks to Hobart today, with the aim of finding warmer weather and to carry out some minor repairs to Turtle. The weather was still dreary at Queenstown which accentuated the bare hills and the general gloom of that town. The climb out of Queenstown toward the inland was rather steep and we laboured up the misty hills hoping for better weather.

Jenny cuddling up to her ancestor Grace Nicholas at Ouse

We stopped at Derwent Bridge for morning tea before heading on to Ouse for lunch at Grace Nicholas Park (one of Jenny’s ancestors). We then headed off toward Hobart only for me to realise that I had left my camera sitting on the table in the rotunda. It was a nervous 20 kilometre trek back to the park. When we arrived no camera on the table but then a grey haired Victorian gentleman came up and asked what I was looking for – he had put it in his vehicle to take to a local police station. Goes to show we Victorians are a reliable bunch! I shall sleep easily tonight, thanking my lucky stars.

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