Heading Inland

Headed out at around eight to make the 130 kilometre trip into Port Hedland for a bit of grocery shopping, a gas refill for the Turtle and another Inverter to replace the faulty one in Redback. We worked out that the corrugations on the gravel roads had mucked up our fridges – I suspect that the gas is becoming dissolved in the liquid refrigerant which reduces the efficiency of the refrigerator. After a days travel on the bitumen, the fridges appear to be back to normal. We were going to stop out the road but all the rest stops were bit ordinary so we continued onto the Auski Tourist Village – sounds grander than the reality – to have a shower and connect to the power to get us all back to square one.You know you’re in strife when the sign on the ablutions block urges you to keep the doors closed to keep out the snakes! Off to Newman tomorrow.

Our luxurious accommodation at Auski Tourist Park

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