Waiting in Walpeup

Well things didn’t go quite as planned today. We went to leave at 9 am only to discover the motorhome had a flat battery. We had plenty of power in the auxiliary batteries but couldn’t access it for long enough as the motorhome automatically shuts down all systems if the battery continues to fail. Add to that the fact that I didn’t put the jumper leads in which meant I had no choice but to ring the RACV. After waiting an hour, only to be told that they would be at least another hour before they could reach me, I tried switching through the auxiliary batteries and this time I was able to get it started. So we decided to do some shopping in Mildura (jumper leads top of the list : ) ) then head out along the Mallee Highway and pulled up to a lovely little camp in the middle of Walpeup – showers, toilets and power for the princely sum of $10 per night. A chance to put our feet up before tackling the Silo Art Trail tomorrow.

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