Dinosaur Meets Flat Tyres

Before we could even leave camp this morning Bob had to change a blown tyre. So we didn’t leave as early as planned. We headed back along the Cork Road toward Larch Quarry. After about 60 kms the recently fitted spare tyre delaminated so it was a torturous trip into Larch Quarry. Bob tried to get RACV  service as he now had the left hand rear duals reduced to one inflated tyre. After viewing the spectacular Dinosaur Stampede (I would seriously recommend this site to everyone – its the only example in the world) we waited for the RACV to confirm that they would provide assistance. After waiting for hours we decided that we best head back to Winton while we still had daylight. Off we headed and got 40 kms down the track when the delaminating tyre spat out some more tyre and dragged the inner mudguard up onto the duals. This meant we had to jack up the vehicle on the side of the road, remove both wheels, straighten the inner guard, put the original blowout back on and head back into town at a reduced speed. We made it back to the Long Waterhole free camp where we celebrated with a fire and a few drinks while watching the stars once again. Into Winton tomorrow for new tyres for the Turtle.

The crack pit team carrying out roadside repairs.

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