Mosquito Massacre at Kakadu

We left Darwin in good time and headed down to Kakadu. We decided that we would head straight to Ubirr. We walked into the rock art and clambered over the trails to view the extensive galleries there.

Rock Art at Ubirr Rock Art Site, Kakadu National Park

Bob and Deb returned to Merl Campground to set up camp while Jenny and I waited until sunset to catch the setting sun’s rays on the escarpments. We left just before sunset to beat the fifty or so people there down the track back to the carpark. We got back into the campsite just in time to cook dinner before the mosquitoes attacked en masse. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a density of mosquitoes before and their attacks were so ferocious that we were forced inside to escape them despite wearing Bushman’s Red insect repellant and having mosquito candles burning. Unfortunately they had gained access to the motorhome so I was consumed during the night.

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