The Updated Hot Water Generation System

The new heat exchanger system

We finally completed the updated hot water generation system. This involved installing a heat exchanger under the bonnet connected to the vehicles cooling system that then heated water being circulated through the heat exchanger from the onboard hot water service. This meant plumbing in two solar hot water service pumps that are capable of running at high temperature (with built in systems to prevent overheating), a temperature sensor that gave us the ability to turn off the pumps when the hot water reached 65°C and a dash mounted switch and indicator lights to operate the system while driving. The end result is a system that generates hot water using the heat of the engine and provides us with “free” hot water in under 30 minutes of travel time. This will allow us to heat our hot water before we reach camp each night and the insulated hot water tank means we have hot water for hours after stopping.


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