Updating the Motorhome

When we got back from last year’s trip we decided that we would make up a list of all the things that needed fixing or updating on the Motorhome. The list ran to twenty-two items and ranged from repairing a leak in the roof to a new divider in the jerrycan cupboard. At any rate we’ve almost done them all, ready to go camping again.

The complete list :–

  • Install additional daytime running lights
  • Put a hook under the table for he dustpan and brush
  • Install permanent fittings for front windscreen blinds
  • Install locking catches to stop drawers rattling open on rough roads
  • Mount bigger mirror on LHS sun visor
  • Fit holland blinds to rear doors
  • Provide permanent power feed to in-car camera
  • Fit tow rope hitch on towbar
  • Improve air flow around freezer
  • Improve hot water generation
  • Shift LH rear spotlight so it doesn’t hit awning
  • Tidy up plumbing layout under third seat
  • Repair leak in roof
  • Install new shower door
  • Make shadecloth compartment blinds
  • Make up tool storage tray to sit on top of spare wheel
  • Fit vertical divide in jerrycan compartment
  • Repair number one water pump
  • Fix side door fly wire clips
  • Install Mains Water Connector
  • Replace freezer thermometer
  • Fix CB speaker bracket

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