Roadkill by any other name

The Ochre Cliffs outside Lyndhurst

Left Marree bright and early and headed south along the Oodnadatta Track. We called into Farina ruins, which is the remnants of an entire town established in the 1890s but which started returning to the earth after about twenty years as the dry climate killed local agriculture. It is a well maintained site and they are gradually restoring it. From there it was on to Leigh Creek which is a modern day ghost town. The nearby coal mine (for which the town was established in the 1960s) has closed its operations and the town is virtually empty.

Our last Port of call was Parachilna where we set up camp in the old schoolyard before heading out for another memorable night at the Prairie Hotel (also known as the Roadkill Hotel). After enjoying Grant the barman/waiter’s repartee it was back to camp for the fire and old tawny – a great end to another great day.

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