Parting is such sweet sorrow

Shell Beach, Shark Bay WA. Amazing to see such an expanse of hard white beaches composed of millions of cockle shells built up over the millennia – literally scratch the surface and you can see the resulting mass of shells.

Time for us to leave Denham and Shark Bay. We stopped in at Shell Beach and were amazed by the mass of the cockle shells that had built up to a depth beyond that which we could see, there was just no end to this sight, all caused through the ultra high salinity in Hamelins Pool in this part of Shark Bay. We went into Hamelin Pool Beach to view the Stromalites. Again this was fascinating to see this colony that has existed since the age of the dinosaurs – Australia has such wonders that so many people know so little about. We left the World Heritage area and hit the North West Coastal Highway heading south to an early stop – we cannot get into Kalbarri until tomorrow night.

Time to contemplate some navel fluff before boarding the party bus again tonight.

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