Onslow and Beyond

“…And in the morning, we will remember them” – War Memorial at Onslow facing east so that the morning sun is framed by the memorial.

Made our way into Onslow first thing this morning and had morning tea there and a 2 kilometre walk along the Ian Blair Memorial Boardwalk. From the boardwalk you can view the loading pipelines that service the offshore mining industry. There is also a large salt mine on the edge of town. We went out to Old Onslow, the site of the original township settled in 1885. Onslow was moved in the late 1920’s when the mouth of the Ashburton River kept silting the port up and deeper water was found at Beadon Point where the township of Onslow sits today. Its a quaint quiet little seaside village with large industrial activities nearby – the salt mine and the LNG plants. Having meandered our way around the area we headed south, into the rain and continued until the turn off to Exmouth which we intend to visit tomorrow.

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