Making Tracks

A fully laden iron ore train leaves a trail of dust as it trundles along the Tom Price – Karratha Railway Line destined to be loaded onto bulk carriers at either Dampier or Point Samson

Oh what a day – travelling along the Hammersley Iron Railway Access Road from Tom Price to Karratha (just approximately) We travelled about 155 kilometres on a really well maintained gravel road that ran next to the railway line. We played tag with a fully laden iron ore train for probably 20 kilometres before it escaped us due to speed restrictions on the road. Its fascinating to see the cloud of iron ore dust as the train ploughs through the countryside, which in itself is spectacular. We made good time along this track and ended up having lunch at Roebourne before heading out to Cossack, Wickham and Point Samson.

“Stairway to the Moon” – from the sandfly capital of WA, Samson Point

We set up camp at the Point Samson Caravan Park before heading back to Cossack to witness that West Coast spectacle of the “Stairway to the Moon” where the full moon shining on the mud flats at low tide creates (in some peoples eyes) the stairway effect

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