On To Tom Price

Dales Gorge, Karajini National Park. It looks about 30 – 40 metres deep with a trickle of water coming over the Fortescue Falls. Stayed in the nearby camping ground overnight and had brief look around the National Park this morning.

We travelled all the way to Newman through the picturesque Pilbara landscape. In some respects this area is more attractive than the Kimberlies. We refuelled, had a brief look around the town and bought some supplies before heading back to Karajini National Park travelling about 160 kilometres back over the way we had come. We stayed at the Dales Gorge Camping Ground last night then visited a couple of the sites today – Dales Gorge and Weano Gorge. I guess they probably look spectacular in the wet but otherwise they’re just long holes in the ground (and I can’t bring myself to climb the 50 metres down to the bottom and back out again – what can I say, I’m not fit). We left Karajini and headed into Tom Price for lunch and a look around. We found out that we can take the railway access road from Tom Price through to Karratha which is a well maintained gravel road – we just needed to view an induction video and apply for the free access permit. We decided on that note that it was July so we had better have a shower and booked into the very exclusive Tom Price Caravan Park ( you must have money to get in).

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