Made it to Marble Bar

Jenny and Melva perched in the Marble Bar at Marble Bar Pool, Marble Bar if you get what I mean

Left De Greys River free camp at around 8.30 and travelled the picturesque route down to Marble Bar. The drive starts out with wretched plains of poor quality flore and transforms into iron hore hills and gorges, something that I never realised existed in the Pilbara. We caught up with the Coopers in Marble Bar itself, they were refuelling when we arrived so we ended up leading them out to the sites that included the old Comet Gold Mine. the Flying fox Lookout and the Marble Bar and Chinaman Pools.

After all that activity we went to the pub (The Ironclad Hotel) that features in the Lipton Tea adv. and had lunch and a beer before heading back to Port Hedland. The Coopers went their own way in what I suspect maybe a very quiet car (trouble in paradise). They are apparently going to head straight back home. Meanwhile we checked out Port Hedland briefly (the size of the iron ore trains is absolutely incredible), refuelled then headed out to a free camp 40 kms out of town. We intend to head towards Newman and the Karajinni National Park tomorrow.

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