We reach Nillibubbica Rest Area

Turning left at the intersection!! The first time we have been on this portion of road. Nillibubbica Rest Area is another 74 kms south.

Made relatively good time today. We left Marys Pool Rest Area at about 9.00 am after a sleep in. By the time we departed probably 80% of the overnighters had already left so we just ambled south. We reached Fitzroy Crossing in time for lunch – still no iced coffee so we only bought bread and fuel before continuing on to Nillibubbica Rest Area which is about 109 kms north of Broome. Another popular free camp but with us on our lonesome it was easy to find a spot and set up for the night. a big variety of vehicles and travellers made an interesting night. Had our usual couple of wines and a port. Laurie rang to say they were north of Halls Creek.

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