Moron Number 100

I read John Silvester’s column in The Age this morning and thought he expressed what I had been feeling really well. Its worth having a look at. Our points of view align when it comes to the media constantly promoting the misdeeds of these idiots by plastering their names all over the place, giving them the notoriety they long for. That’s why I’ve decided to label this latest idiot Moron Number 100, no name just a title that illustrates his mental prowess. I could pander to his weaknesses by pointing out the likely problems he had growing up as a Somali refugee in Australia with all the baggage that that entails but the reality is that he was an adult. Like all adults it is up to him to make his way through life. The vast majority of people don’t resort to crime, don’t try to manage their failings by abusing drugs and alcohol. Indeed most would never dream of stealing from other hardworking people. The people that do resort to these measures are self declared victims. Now I know some will read this as a white middle class Australian who wouldn’t know what its like to struggle. Without going into detail, I have had my share of troubles and I have had to dig deep to get myself back up – I have had to do that my self. Sure I asked for some help and our glorious Medicare system enabled me to receive that help, the point being that I had to make a considered decision to get myself out of the hole.

The Liberal Party would call it self determination, and, to an extent they would be correct. Others would say I’m being harsh, but I call it tough love – don’t blame others for your failings, accept that bad decisions are choices you choose to make. Show some backbone and stay strong in adversity and never take the easy option of blaming your problems on other people. If other people are causing you grief, walk away. If others ask you to hate, walk away, hate only consumes the person carrying it. Most of all don’t hide behind a religion that you never followed seriously, don’t use it as excuse for acts of hate.

Goodbye Moron number 100, the world’s IQ was raised on the night you died.

A penny for your thoughts Malcolm

We have the pleasure of hosting the Vice President of the United States this weekend. With the threat of terrorism and rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula I can understand that Australia needs to keep onside with the world’s largest military power but I do find that Malcolm’s sycophantic adulation of the USA and the seeming readiness to follow wherever the US leads us worrying. Even when the United States had leaders of some intelligence, our blind following of the US as they headed into wars has done the young men and women of our defence forces no service. I hope that the government seriously considers any military excursions of the United States as their problem. As was shown in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, blindly following the US into battle without a formulated, strategic goal only results in the needless deaths of young Australians with no apparent improvement in conditions in the invaded countries.

Please Malcolm, take a deep breath and tell VP Pence we will help you when it suits our position in the world, when we see that involvement in armed conflict will help preserve the peace for all Australians and relieve tensions in the wider world – not for the political interests of the United States or any other foreign power.