Stop Politicising Terror

To all those politicians that think that its quite alright to use the pain and suffering of the victims of terror to make political points STOP IT, ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.

That Malcom Turnbull could contemplate blaming the Victorian Government for the behaviour a terrorist thug in order to score political points for his state counterpart is beneath contempt. For Mathew Guy to blame Daniel Andrews and accuse him of being weak merely illustrates why Guy is on the opposition benches. The plain simple fact is that a criminal with intent to inflict terror on the good people of Melbourne formed a murderous plot in short order that could not have been seen by authorities. His own family apparently didn’t see it coming.

The head of the Adult Parole Board (Judge Peter Couzens) detailed at length the circumstances of Moron Number 100’s parole. I would recommend that all interested parties read it and absorb the facts before letting their mouths run off again. The depth and breadth of their considerations showed that the reforms carried out to the Victorian parole system after the Jill Meagher tragedy have led to a much improved system. The fact that Moron Number 100 played the system, the extent of which may become apparent following the thorough police investigation, does not mean that the system itself is broken.

Many people fail to understand the purpose of parole, viewing it as a means by which the convicted get to escape the confines of prison. In reality it is a mechanism by which society is able to place controls or requirements on a parolee in order to reduce recidivism. The conditions that were applied to Moron Number 100 were appropriate, his supervision was thorough (his first application for parole was rejected, the second only granted after he had undertaken courses relevant to his personal circumstances) and he was near to the completion of his sentence, at which time all supervision would cease. The events of Brighton have more to do with Moron Number 100’s inability to maintain a civilised life. No excuses, not even the fact that he had arrived as a refugee from Somalia. People make choices in life, not all of them wise or considered, and some people are pathetic in that they need to use violence as a method to prove their masculinity or their position in the world.

In any case, no politician directed this idiot’s behaviour, the Adult Parole Board did its job well, the Receptionist at Brighton was a good man who didn’t deserve this fate and politicians would do well to respect his memory.

Another day, another coward

I understand that people can fill disconnected from the societies they live – poverty, unemployment, bigotry or sexuality are often used as tools to beat up on people, young and old. I cannot understand how that disconnect entitles you to brutalise the innocent. If you are truly disaffected shouldn’t you be taking it out on those in positions of power? To say that attacking  children at a social outing is justifiable jihad only illustrates how distorted their view of the world is. For someone to carry out a suicide bombing in these circumstances shows that they have been brainwashed and manipulated by gutless criminal cowards who are to afraid to take on tough targets themselves. Added to this mix is an increasing suspicion that these people have below average intelligence. This is the only way that I can understand that they are able to justify what they are doing. Even the innocent children that they slaughtered in Manchester would have a better capacity to see what they were doing was wrong and that it certainly didn’t further the criminals’ aims if they were looking for acceptance. These low life are obviously not students of history, or else they would be aware of the fairness and integrity of the Saracens during the so called crusades that led them to be victorious over the invading armies. Nor have they noted how brutal dictators like Hitler, Amin and the Khmer Rouge all get their comeuppance as good people around the world rise up and defeat them with unity and love.

To anybody out there that reads this and thinks that they have legitimate reasons to hate the western democracies, talk to me. Explain it so I might understand and help you find a better way. Infamy is not fame or fortune, cruel criminal acts are not carried out by true warriors, Islam doesn’t belong to bigoted murderers.

You want a better life – do it by loving life.

The World has gone mad


Here we go again – cowards thinking that they are heroes, martyrs for their religion when any thinking person of whatever religion sees them for what they are – murdering criminals.

So if you are contemplating being involved and supporting these cowards take the time to consider this.

It is an act against Islam

Why do I say this? Simple, you cannot reasonably believe that Allah would think that the murder of unarmed innocent civilians of whatever faith (and as far as I remember, rarely do these cowards check if their victims are muslims or not) is an act that would be rewarded in sending the perpetrators to heaven. A god that is just and fair would not forgive this brutality and would not allow those perpetrators to share heaven with their victims. Every time some murderer commits one of these acts in the name of Islam, true believers are pressured by society as if they are to blame. In some cases this leads to those faithful questioning if they want to stay within the family of Islam. But its not their fault, it is the fault of whoever offers support or guidance to these fools.

The perpetrators are at the very least misguided, at best stupid

Why do perpetrators do the bidding of others? Why wont they query those that tell them that carrying out an act of murder then to kill yourself to take more casualties because this will lead you to heaven? I have a number of questions for those people. If these acts of barbarity are so noble why aren’t you doing it yourself? Or do you think that if someone is dumb enough to do as you say they deserve to die? How is it that you don’t attract a vast following of beautiful women but by blowing yourself and others to pieces will make you more attractive than you are now? How does trying to make every body afraid of muslims lead to a world where more people embrace Islam? Why is it that areas under the control of D’aesh can only be controlled by force – if it were the will of the people there would be no need for murder, rape or brutality. Islam is the religion of the people> You have failed. You will languish in hell.