Doing our Bit in Winton

Time to support the locals, so we headed up to town to have coffee and cake at the bakery. Once again, a corker of a day – bright sunshine and warm temperatures. After morning tea we continued to browse the two or three retail shops that make up the business district before heading to the Waltzing Matilda Museum. Last time we were here, they were still rebuilding the museum after a catastrophic fire. It is now complete and much improved. We spent quite some time going over the exhibitions.

Inside the Waltzing Matilda Museum

We purchased a Telstra SIM card and data so that we can at least message and email people while we are here. I got in touch via Messenger with an old school friend who used to live in Winton but in his answer he explained he now lives in Hervey Bay and is travelling himself at the moment so we miss out on catching up this time. We headed out to dinner at the Great Northern Hotel where a Country and Western singer, Matt Scullion, was plying his wares. The bistro area was packed as were the other pubs in town. I guess hot weather and plenty of tourists leads to an uptick in the beer business

The original Banjo Patterson manuscript

Time to sit quietly in the camp to reflect over a glass of Tawny.

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