Tada Townsville

We left quite early for us this trip. With no service, there was no morning paper to read so it was off North again, this time aiming for Charters Towers then Townsville. A lot of large loads this morning, I’m guessing they save them for the weekend so that there is less interruption to normal truck travel. This morning it was all about the kangaroos. Heaps of them crossing the road at different points, the recent rains obviously providing them with more feed. The cattle are looking pretty fat as well, a good season all round as long as the dreaded Foot and Mouth doesn’t rear its ugly head.

Our home amongst the palm trees

We refuelled in Charters Towers and stopped for morning tea before pushing East towards the coast. A fairly mundane run until we neared Townsville where we passed several Armoured Personnel Carriers being trucked south by the ADF. Then closer in we could see the mountains pop up. We were fortunate to get the last site at our caravan park, only suitable for little motorhomes or tents, so we settled in here to do our chores before catching up with Tommy Who tomorrow. So the washing is done and I’ve had a nice long shower ready to meet the world

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