Heading Further North

Despite the constant gentle rumblings of the coal trains moving coal towards the coast, it was a peaceful night’s sleep, even if a little chilly this morning. We’ve been in touch with Tom and Robynne and we’ve made plans to catch up with them on Sunday, so we decided to head to Belyando Crossing Roadhouse and Caravan Park, 380 kms up the road. It promises all the facilities including phone service.

Look up in the sky, it’s a piano

We stopped in at Clermont, famous for the piano in the tree during the 1916 floods (It has had more floods since then but none quite so memorable) We once again enjoyed the bright sun on different scenery as we travelled North. We got a bit of a scare at one stage when we were cresting a hill, a young 4 wheel driver was on the wrong side of the road. It was his gallant act of the day, swerving to miss an echidna crossing the road. Didn’t do much for my underwear though.

All lined up for the power pole and buggar all else

After arriving we discovered two things about Belyando Roadhouse – the caravan park is a second thought (seemed to me to be give us the money and fight it out amongst yourselves for the powered sites) and that, if you’re lucky, you may get 3G service but then again you probably wont). Jenny was shattered, no Friday night football!

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