Ice With That

Well we had our first real frost of the trip. Below 0º today and the vehicle was covered in ice and crunchy grass underfoot. Beautiful clear skies so while it was cool outside cooking the porridge for breakfast it was certainly sunny.

Jenny refused to do a closeup with the real one so this will have to do.

We took our time before heading out to the Western Plains Zoo for our tour around the animals. Really much better than Taronga Zoo with numerous animals of each species. We enjoyed sitting in the sun eating our picnic before going to view more animals in the afternoon. We highly recommend a visit.

You could get a decent feed of this fella

We left the zoo and drove around the CBD of Dubbo, then headed out the road to the Bottle House and had a chat to the owner while we were there. He was keen to know about motorhoming but doubts he can get his missus to leave the grandkids for a couple of months. We did our bit to spread the word.

Buggar… they’re all empty

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