Back in South Australia

A long day’s drive today. We have our permit to cross into South Australia today and as we have used up all our fresh fruit and vegetables we needed to be in Ceduna for a grocery shop to replenish the larder. We left camp at a reasonable hour and refuelled at Eucla before pushing onto Nullarbor Roadhouse (fuel $1.99/litre). We had refuelled at Eucla and planned to refuel at Nundroo Roadhouse as we have been stung before at Nullarbor so it was a pastie and a sausage roll for lunch. Sure enough fuel at Nundroo was $1.509/litre.

A little more upmarket than we’re used to

We had to travel all the way to Ceduna before we had phone service so we could login to South Australia, but at least we were able to do it this time. We booked into the caravan park then went for a walk up the street to do our grocery shopping. Then its back to bureaucracy, applying for a green zone permit to re-enter Victoria. All secured for the 24th August with a 14 day permit duration.

Oh the humanity, they’re letting us come home!

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