Saturday Night At The Pub

No movies in this little town. Dinner at the pub will have to do, not that there is a great selection. I reckon the menu hasn’t changed since we first visited in 2016. Guess its the Garlic Cob Bread followed by flathead tails.

Flathead tails for two, please

I climbed under the motorhome and checked out what was going on with the sensors and found that the LH Rear wheel sensor cable had been cabled tied to the other sensor leads. I removed the offending cable ties and returned the LH lead to its correct position within the holder, so we will wait and see what happens tomorrow. From my research it appears to be a rather hit and miss affair to find the real problem. With that in mind, I’m reluctant to try the workshop in Geraldton because they aren’t an actual MB dealer and it could mean a wait of 5 days for a part to only then discover its not the solution to the problem, then subsequent delays until its figured out.

Windy Denham foreshore at dusk.

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