Not a Lot at Derby

The caravan park may be full but the town of Derby has that dying feel about it. The camping shop is shut and most of the little shops are either closed up for good or because it’s Sunday. The IGA had very limited stock in it, probably because the Woolies back out the road a bit is taking all its customers. The locals made themselves known last night trying to sell their carved Boab nuts. They even got a bit antsy when we said no. In fact, one of them was the same bloke we had bought a Boab nut off in 2014, our first time here, but now he’s charging $100. We spent the day catching up on the news (the internet is painfully slow here), watering the van, doing washing, showering and feeding our faces.

We’re still plotting our course of action as we head south. Stick to the coast and cope with the travelling hoards or take the less travelled route inland. We may end up doing a bit of each. The caravan park here is full tonight – that’s over three hundred sites – so you can imagine the traffic when they all decide to leave at the same time. The Horizontal Falls Tour is still very popular – they now have an overnighter that departs at around 2 p.m. and returns about 9 a.m. Our neighbours in the park are off on that one tonight. Tomorrow we plan to visit the local Home Hardware store before heading the short distance down the road to the Roebuck Plains Roadhouse and stay there the night before checking out Broome for a cuppa and quick grocery and camping goods shop (what else is there to shop for?). We’ll be moving further down the road from there to places as yet undecided.

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