Off to See Derby and Joan

We left Mary’s Pool Freecamp just after 8 and dawdled our way down the Great Northern Highway. The wind was quite strong but fortunately was behind us so we got sensational fuel economy down to Fitzroy Crossing. Mind you we needed to with fuel at $1.78 litre – cost us $150 for the run from Kununurra.

Wide load ahead.

Back on the road for lunch, only interrupted by the wide load coming through from one of the mines. The vehicle is now behaving itself – no problems all day and we did over 420 kms today. So far we’ve done almost seven thousand kilometres and probably have the same amount to go.

We had pre-booked our site at the Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park at Derby and we thought we would check out the Fish and Chip shop on the wharf but its closed for renovations. Bit of bad luck as we had recommended it to some fellow travellers only yesterday. (Oops there goes the Tour Leader job). Not to be put off we are heading up the street to get takeaways from the Fish and Chip shop near the caravan park. Then I guess for something different it will be chocolate and old Tawny for dessert.

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