Oops All Things Aren’t As They Seem Part 1

We anticipated a quick turn around from our mechanical woes but alas it was not to be. After an extraordinarily unlucky moment when I pulled to the side of the road to let traffic pass, a sharp stone was thrown up and hit the sensor lead from the Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor. As with all great technology, it’s great while it works. Unfortunately, with no rear wheel sensor the vehicle refuses to get out of first gear. We took it to the legends at Pine Creek Auto Repairs who were unavailable until after lunch. Fortunately, after the last sensor issue earlier in the year, I had bought a Diagnostic Scanner for the Sprinter and was able to ascertain that the sensor lead had a short on the positive wire. Not so fortunately, the spare wheel sensor I bought was the wrong one, meaning a repair was the only option. The brothers at Pine Creek Auto isolated the fault and were able to solder the bashed wires back together and, after a reset of the system we were on our way again. We ended up stopping at the Victoria River Roadhouse Caravan Park (Wardaman traditional lands) and enjoying a chicken schnitzel at their restaurant. Off to WA in the morning.

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