Cross The Border Into Sunshine

The morning started out with a few spits of rain but it was still warm enough for me to wear shorts and to cook breakfast outside. We packed everything up and girded our loins to take on the Northern Territory Border. It was strange heading out, not many travellers on the road and those that were were all heading south. When we reached the NT/SA Border there was no one in sight so we guessed they would be nearer to mobile reception.

As we approached Kulgera, mobile reception kicked in with a flurry of text messages and missed calls. Then the NT Police roadblock came into view and we were stopped by a courteous young constable who gathered our details and our permit numbers before doing some minor checking and waving us through. Much more friendly the the SA Police at Yamba!

All set up at Desert Oaks

We pulled into Kulgera to send some texts, check emails, update the blog and try some phone calls out (but they just wouldn’t work) so decided that we would move on to Desert Oaks Freecamp (one of our favourites, on the traditional lands of the Arrernte people), stop for lunch and set up an early camp. This will leave us another 170kms to Alice Springs for a bit of a shop around prior to moving on again tomorrow. Glorious sunshine from almost the time we crossed the border until now. A light breeze blowing just to keep everything hunky dory. Warmth has arrived.

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