Quandongs at Quorn

Main Street Quorn

We left the Woolshed Flat camp for a brief drive into Quorn where we refuelled before having a walk around the town. Lovely old town with quite a few empty shops. We decided to have morning tea at the Quandong Cafe. Appropriately it was Quandong Jam and cream on freshly baked scones for me and Quandong slice for Jenny.

Quandong Slice for one

We headed to our camp at the Quorn Caravan Park run by the Martin Family apparently (but no discounts for like named people!). This was on the traditional lands of the Nukunu people. After dinner we walked up to the rail yards to view the Quorn Silo Light Show which was made up of a series of video snippets and slide shows. Entertaining but the cool weather took its toll after 45 minutes so we headed back to camp and had a warming Drambuie to finish the night off

If you want to see the rest come and visit Quorn

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