Change of Plans

Bethlehem a la’ Ouyen

The best laid plans etcetera etcetera. We left Walpeup after nine for the short drive down to Ouyen. The wind was blustery again and increasing in speed but we pulled into Ouyen for stroll around the town only to be reminded how sad it had become. Other than the bakery. Post Office and newsagents there wasn’t much happening here. They still had the Christmas nativity display in the otherwise vacant shop windows. We moved on south heading to Sea Lake with the intention of staying at a free camp overnight. It is rather busy small town compared to the others that we have passed through but the lack of scenery and the persistent strong windows encouraged us to move onto Swan Hill.

The rather grand Royal Hotel, Sea Lake

We decided to stay at the Riverside Caravan Park again and were put onto a site backing onto the river, very pretty outlook. We had lunch then walked up to the street with a view to spreading the love (of our spending dollar) with the local businesses. We made a few non-essential purchases before heading back to camp to prepare for our arduous journey tomorrow, all 92 kms to Cohuna for our last free camp this trip. We will check out the Swan Hill Port before leaving the town.

Not a bad view from the patio of Redback

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