Hopetoun Provides Relief

The setting sun at Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun

We left Lake Bringalbert with our tail between our legs. It had been an oppressively hot day yesterday, equally so at bed time. Our fridge decided it didn’t like this extreme heat (39º inside the motorhome) and quit working – the lights were on but nobody home. Fortunately we still had the freezer in the back that continued to work so we weren’t without food or cold drinks. But i digress. We made our way up to Kaniva then onto Nhill, Warracknabeal and stopped at Birchip so that Jenny could catch up with two of her ex customers. We spent a couple of hours enjoying their company before we continued on to Hopetoun to camp beside Lake Lascelles. As we anticipated it was pretty packed with water skiers and Jetskis. A lot of happy people enjoying what was still a hot day (37º) but in much better surroundings. We sat outside and cooled off after dark listening to the harmonious choir of corellas and admiring the sunset.

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