Woohoo We’re Free

We left camp early this morning – into Aldi at Portland by 9. Did our big grocery shop for the week as we were running low on veggies and the necessary Old Tawny and Chardonnay. We had organised to catch up with our niece Belinda at her and Duanes place at Gorae. Unfortunately Duane and the girls weren’t home but we had a great catch-up (and we got spoilt with scones, homemade jam and cream) This has been my highlight of the trip.

Fort O’Hare Campground, Dartmoor

We headed off towards Dartmoor, stopping at Heywood along the way when we struck car trouble. We had hit a huge pothole on our way to Portland and, as it turned out, we knocked one of the wheel speed sensors out of action so we had to get the Sprinter checked over to make sure it was safe to drive. Fortunately it only disabled the ABS and the ESC so it’s still safe to drive until we get a new sensor. So we made it to Dartmoor after five and decided we would finish such a busy day off with dinner at the pub. Ahh, holidays are great.

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