An Angle at St Helens

We set sail from Bicheno after a restful night watching a string of satellites pass over our camp. We estimate that there were thirty satellites almost evenly spaced in the same orbit – a really eerie phenomenon to watch. I’m sure it wasn’t the Old Tawny causing us to see stars.

Whiling away the hours at St Helens

We arrived in St Helens around morning tea so the fishers decided they would like to throw a line in as this will be our last day on the east coast. Bob caught and lost a whiting but other than that there wasn’t anything for tea in the bucket by the end of two hours. Lunch in the park then back on the road again

Not so much of a “Pub in the Paddock”

We decided that we would stay at the “Pub in the Paddock” but upon arrival we were told the kitchen was closed and the pub was shutting at four. I know we look a bit rough but I didn’t think we looked that bad. So, seeing that we appeared to have outstayed our welcome (even though we had just arrived), we moved to the Pyengana Recreation Reserve where they have set up great facilities (3 minute hot shower for $2) and ensconced ourselves in the camp in the sunshine.

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