A penny for your thoughts Malcolm

We have the pleasure of hosting the Vice President of the United States this weekend. With the threat of terrorism and rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula I can understand that Australia needs to keep onside with the world’s largest military power but I do find that Malcolm’s sycophantic adulation of the USA and the seeming readiness to follow wherever the US leads us worrying. Even when the United States had leaders of some intelligence, our blind following of the US as they headed into wars has done the young men and women of our defence forces no service. I hope that the government seriously considers any military excursions of the United States as their problem. As was shown in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, blindly following the US into battle without a formulated, strategic goal only results in the needless deaths of young Australians with no apparent improvement in conditions in the invaded countries.

Please Malcolm, take a deep breath and tell VP Pence we will help you when it suits our position in the world, when we see that involvement in armed conflict will help preserve the peace for all Australians and relieve tensions in the wider world – not for the political interests of the United States or any other foreign power.